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  • Sale! sa

    SA7627 Pin Tag Gun


    tag gun $9.90 per piece

    tag pin $6.90 per box 5000pcs

    total $16.80

  • Placeholder

    SA7627S Pin Tag


    tag gun $9.90 per piece tag pin clear color 50mm length $6.90 per box 5000pcs total $16.80

  • sanh sanh

    SANH001 Namecard Holder, Bronze

    Simple and elegant looking namecard holder, bronze color. Fits standard sized name cards (3.5″ x 2″). Buy as a corporate gift or for your personal use.

    Dimensions (length x width x height):

    xx x xx x xx (inches)
    xx x xx x xx (cm)

    Sold per piece.

  • sarc sarc

    SARC001 Changing Room Canvas & Curtain Rings Holder (8 PCS)

    Solid curtain rings holder for changing room canvases and curtains.

    Dimensions (length x width):

    xx x xx (inches)
    xx x xx (cm)

    Sets of 8 pieces.